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On behalf of my faculty, I warmly welcome Faculty of Sociology and Community Development of the University of Battambang (UBB). Having studied any major in our faculty, students realized that they made the right decision. The right decision brings you to brightness, and I storage encourage all students to accomplish this as a milestone for moving upward their bright future goals.


The mission of the Faculty of Sociology and Community Development is to develop and apply knowledge to aid social and rural decision makers I addressing social and economic issues through integrated research and educational programs that enhance incomes and quality of life in Cambodia. Its research mission focuses on social and rural issues the production and distribution of agricultural products, the use of natural resources and the need of rural people.



The Department of Foundation Year is committed to equip first year students with a firm foundation upon which they can successfully proceed with their chosen major fields of study. It aims to strongly enhance the first year students’ capabilities in basic knowledge both in the-oretical  and practical studies, in accordance with international educational program. The Foundation Year Program which is officially recognized by the Accreditation Committee of Cambodia (ACC), is divided into common and oriented preparatory courses.

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